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Many question that where is the best place to exchange currency in Hanoi? Hello guys, What's the best/easiest way to change US$ into Dong in Hanoi? 1) if it's best to travel with $CAD or $USD?  2) best places to exchange money for dong? (airport, money exchanges, banks, etc.)

*Free Money Exchange*      

If you are looking for reliable locals who help you to exchange the currency for you when you are in Hanoi or Vietnam.
Please come with us "64 Nguyen Huu Huan, right location in the old quarter Hanoi", we are providing a free currency service for all traveler.


We will do the same exchange rate from national bank "Vietcombank", you can view the currency exchange rate at:

Our aims will promote Vietnamese country to international friends and believe that you will love us and come back more regularly.

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